How to Avoid Writer’s Block and Stay Productive

Kamis, 10 Desember 2009 , Posted by JASTIKA at 22.27

In blogging one of the worst moment you can have is a writer’s block. A condition in which you cannot think of anything to write about thus you cannot produce quality content. A tip that many give is stop what you are writing about and take a break. You can get up and go for a walk and come back to this specific subject a few hours later. You can take a break from your blog entirely for a few days or a week and then come back to it. Some authors even QUIT because of this writer’s block. No matter which option you select from the above list, you will not be able to stay online, marketing, tips trick,

Did you ever wonder, how do people run more than one blog. They have 5 or 6 blogs and they are all active. Some have a few guest authors, but others are just maintained by this one person. Producing content is a gift, but there is a lot of techniques that goes into it. I will share a technique that I learned from an expert blogger Merlin Mann of 43folders. This technique has worked really well for online, marketing, tips trick,

What you need to do is have more than one topic to write about. So for example if you only have one blog like Balkhis. I would write a post in Advertising Category, For Starters Category, Web Design Resources category and so on. They will all be started with an intro and some ideas, but not finished. So if I start getting frustrated with the Advertising article and I cannot come up with anything, I would simply move onto the Web Design Resources showcase and work on that.

The whole idea about you going outside is taking your mind of a subject, but you can also do that by moving to another subject like I just mentioned. You can also alternate days to write posts on your two blogs. So for example Balkhis and WPBeginner. I would work on a post on Balkhis and WPBeginner at the same time. If I get stuck at a Balkhis post, I will move onto a small plugin review at WPBeginner. Then come back to the Balkhis article later, but the time I was taking a break, I actually wrote another article.

Try this technique and let me know how it works out.

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