This article is a form of composition

Rabu, 25 November 2009 , Posted by JASTIKA at 23.39

This article is a form of composition which is an analysis of the natural or social phenomena with a view to explain the who, what, when and where, how, and why this phenomenon occurs. However, the article also sometimes offer an alternative for solving the problem. Materials contained in the different media (print / electronic) comes mostly from people outside the company and the media. So everyone can fill the column material contained on a variety of online, marketing, tips trick,

Today, writing articles in the print media and electronic respectable activity among the intelligentsia. A writer will be on identity and power are citizens property. However, no means of "non-intellectual" does not have the same opportunity to write articles in the media. In recent years, many practitioners and workers in some of the freelance writer (independent), which do the same thing. This is certainly an exciting phenomenon, although the quantity of them and not so much.

And the person who would write in the media must understand the real purpose of this part of the media you want addressed by looking at the readers of the age, profession and socio-economic, gender and education level. In essence, the article by should be easily understood by all readers.
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To start writing an article, and we are simply subject to the condition or situation that happened today. The actual information becomes very important commodities sold by the media. Because of the greatness of some of the media offered perceptive news. For example, the political turmoil in this country about the 'orchid for crocodiles', we can raise the issue. Then, when it rains, we can increase the impact of the disease and the problems that arise when it rains. These are the things or events in our environment can be used to the opportunity to be income.

To be able to follow up and see the reality of the news, and author of the article is required reading. Because reading can see the progress and issues that occur. Another thing that becomes an impediment when we follow this profession and the author of this article is rejection, but should not give up easily because the media are very abundant in this country. So that when we finish writing is unacceptable, and we still can make to other media. So also with the will, should always be injected in order to start creating barriers article possible. While the key to success in this profession is to cultivate your caution to monitor, read, and look for infromasi or news.
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Simple economic analysis

Initial capital

Computer prices 3,500,000

Printer pumping 1,000,000

Total 4,500,000

operasioanl cost

Purchase of reference writing (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.). 200,000

Ink and paper 50,000

Other (such as the Internet and) 200,000

Total 450,000

Turnover of Article 4 (presumption: Article 1 and the media about his appreciation Rp.500.000) 2000000

1,550,000 won per month

A period of 3 months the return of capital

(Initial capital: profits per month)